Vulnerability Assessment

The Challenge

Do you have a complete overview of the vulnerabilities existing on your clients Servers and laptops?

What are you doing to secure not only Microsoft, but most importantly, 3rd party application and plugins installed on your clients and servers?

Do you have a time saving and cost effective process to make sure you network is protected from hacker attacks?

The Solution

Request a free trial or ask our consultants to provide you with a detailed sample report of one of your clients, Servers and Laptops.

Our consultants will setup a meeting with you. We will listen to the specific challenges you are facing and advise you how you can reach a better security level by understanding the trend of the threat today.

We will also give you a full and detailed report on a client, a server and a laptop you chose to inspect. This way we can really identify the weaknesses and work towards helping understand the risks you face and how you can mitigate it.

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