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Microsoft Updates vs 3rd Party Patches

Are you patching Adobe Reader, Java, browser plugins,...enough frequently?

Today vulnerabilities detected in 3rd party (non-microsoft) applications represent more than 80% or the total number of applications, whereas Microsoft applications contain less than 20%.

SANS reports:

"Priority One: Client-side software that remains unpatched."

"Waves of targeted email attacks, often called spear phishing, are exploiting client-side vulnerabilities in commonly used programs such as Adobe PDF Reader, QuickTime, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Office. This is currently the primary initial infection vector used to compromise computers that have Internet access".

GARTNER states:

"Deployment of non-Microsoft patches is often significantly slower and less organized. All Internet-based applications, especially browsers and browser plug-ins (i.e., Adobe and Apple QuickTime), should be a top patching priority."

How we can help you

We have developed an extremely

  • Scan and identify all the vulnerable 3rd party applications installed on all the computers.
  • Generate a detailed report that reflects not only the criticality but also the impact of the vulnerablities in the 3rd party applications
  • Priotize the list of the top-critical and most common applications in your organization
  • Develop a plan of patching and advise your team how to take action to remediate the risk
  • Provide a best-practice document unique for the patch management process at your organization

We also provide:

  • Patch Management as a Service, (monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly)
  • Patch Management on Demand.(multiple packages of applications)
  • Health-checks for your patch management process.

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